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Checkout Tips

I am beyond grateful for how rapidly Greene Is Gold has been growing. Since my collections typically sell out quickly, I wanted to dedicate a page to some tips for optimizing your checkout experience!  

  1. Make an account on my site. This will allow you to store your payment and shipping information​​​ beforehand and save you the time it would take to manually enter it at checkout.

  2. Opt for ApplePay, GooglePay, or PayPal as your payment method if you can. These are options that will autofill your information, often only requiring a quick fingerprint or Face-ID scan on your phone. 

  3. If ordering more than one piece, place multiple orders. My site does not hold anything sitting in your cart for you, meaning anyone can snag it before you if you have not checked out yet. Just email me your order numbers to and I will happily package them all together and refund the additional shipping fees so long as they are all going to the same address.

Unfortunately I am unable to offer website previews (making collection pages viewable and listed as "coming soon" before their official release time) but if you would like a good look at the pieces coming, I recommend following the shop on Tiktok, Instagram, and/or Twitter @greeneisgold. There, I often post sneak peeks of upcoming collections.

Everything is entirely handmade by me with great care which does limit the amount of pieces I am able to release at any given time. While I try my best to have as many high quality pieces available in each collection as possible, collections do tend to be relatively small (normally ranging from 45-100 pieces at a time). If there is ever a piece that you were unable to get your hands on in time, you can always click the back in stock request button which will prompt me to make more pieces like that in the future once I have the supplies to do so. Thank you so much for your interest!

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