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Will come on a high quality stainless steel chain that is free of lead, iron, and nickel making it gentle for anyone with metal sensitivities. Please refer to the FAQ page for care instructions. Made to order, processing time is up to two weeks. 


This listing is only for customs in which you will be sending in your own flowers for a locket. Please read full description *before* placing order.


Fully functional custom mini or classic sized locket necklace. Classic lockets are available in gold or silver but mini lockets are only available in gold at this time. Please refer to the last picture for a size comparison between the two. 


The design: Please leave any special requests you have for the orientation of the flowers in the notes section at checkout. You will be sent a prepaid shipping label to the email entered at checkout for you to use to send your flowers to me for your custom locket. If you have any mementos/sentimental items you would like me to add to the locket that are not a flower (such as fabric) please let me know in the notes section so I can verify whether or not it is do able. As mini lockets are smaller than my classic size, I am limited in how many flowers I can use for your custom locket if this is the size you opt for. 


Sending In Flowers: Flowers can be sent in an envelope, box, etc as more often than not they will need to be broken down to be used for your locket. Upon placing your order, you will be emailed a shipping address to send your botanicals to.

Custom Locket (Mail In Flowers)

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